Hello, my name is Matt Fuller.
I'm an infrastructure and security engineer.




I work on the latest technologies
empowering companies in the cloud.

I am currently an Infrastructure Engineer at Adobe, helping to design and develop a unified, container-based infrastructure across the entire company. I work with Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Amazon Web Services, and many other technologies.

I'm also the founder of CloudSploit, a cloud security scanning service helping organizations secure their infrastructure in IaaS providers like AWS. We check for hundreds of security misconfigurations that can place critical infrastructure at risk.

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Some of My Projects

Serverless Compute

I work with AWS Lambda to develop "Functions as a Service" for pay-as-you-go compute power. Transitioning projects to this style of compute has saved thousands of dollars per month.

Lambda eBook

I'm the author of one of the best-selling eBooks on AWS Lambda, published on Amazon KDP. It's even been translated into Korean and sold in Korea as a hard copy. You can view the eBook here.

Containerized Compute at Adobe

Using Docker, Mesos, Marathon, CoreOS, and many other open source technologies, I work with a core team of infrastructure engineers at Adobe to design and implement a unified container-based compute platform.

Web Application Security

I spent a 6 month internship at Mozilla working as a web application security engineer performing penetration testing of web applications and developing tools for improving the security of the web.

AWS Security

As the founder of CloudSploit, I develop a cloud security product used by hundreds of organizations to scan their environments for security risks and implement the proper fixes.

Open Source

Almost all of my personal projects are open source and publicly available on my GitHub page. I also enjoy making code contributions to various open source projects.

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I live and work in New York City

A concrete jungle I call home

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