AWS Lambda Consulting

Let's chat about how
Lambda can help your organization.

Lambda is one of the most promising recent AWS releases, shifting the entire perspective of when, and where, compute power is required. I began using AWS Lambda the day it was released and haven't stopped since. I've developed countless applications on top of the platform, used it to tie together various other AWS services, wrote a best-selling eBook on it, and even developed my entire company using it.

If you are interested in saving money and development time, or are interested in building a near-infinitely scalable service you don't have to micro-manage, Lambda may be for you. However, due to the radically different style of computing, Lambda isn't for everyone, and can actually hamper progress if used incorrectly. This is where I come in.

I charge $210/hour with a 1 hour minimum. All consultations are via phone or video chat. If there are documents or architectural diagrams you would like me to review before our meeting, I can do so at the same rate.

Please note that I do not provide code services (although we can look at examples), but will work with you or your team to understand the use case for Lambda, best practices, deployment options, etc.

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